COMPUCLAIM - An Automated On-Line Healthcare Claiming Portal

CompuClaim is designed to leverage the cost effectiveness of Web-based legacy medical practice management systems with your own customized, automated claims clearinghouse. CompuClaim provides healthcare communities an automated portal to manage and track the flow of claiming data from your provider community to all your third party insurance carriers.  CompuClaim can drastically reduce your processing costs while strengthening compliance.

Our CompuClaim billing system was created to provide an automated bridge between any Web-based medical practice managment system and your third party insurance carriers.

Say goodbye to high priced billing companies and clearinghouse vendors.

CompuClaim provides the tools necessary for any healthcare community to manage their own direct service third party claiming at a fraction of the cost of hiring a vendor.

CompuClaim uses SQL Server Enterprise which provides maximum security as all data is automatically encrypted and secure. Our CompuClaim service comes with our top-notch customer and technical support and allows a customer to submits claims to any third party payor, including Medicaid and Medicare, in 50 states.

CompuClaim's billing system also offers an intuitive service logging module, for clients that do not have one. Our service record is modeled after an electronic health record, but scaled to meet the needs of mobile providers. The service logging module contains a series of internal controls and measures to ensure that providers enter data following federal, state and local statutes and regulations.

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