School Based Health Center Claiming

School based health centers (SBHC’s) provide a variety of health services to all ages of
patients in the school based setting and are an intregal component to ensuring that all children and adolescents in the United States are healthy and achieving to their fullest potential.

The business of School Based Health begins each day with clients of all ages seeking health services and programs at SBHC’s. The SBHC center staff are the first to meet, greet, and navigate new and established clients through the often-confusing healthcare system. During contact with prospective clients, Intake staff have the responsibility of completing pre-claim tasks that are critical to verifying the status of insurance eligibility, informing patients about co-pays and fees, and collecting accurate personal demographics needed for the submission of claims to public and private insurance payers.

CompuClaim’s billing platform provides SBHC’s a Web platform that automates ANSII 5010 healthcare claims and eligibility transactions between SBHC’s, Medicaid and other commercial third party payers.  CompuClaim provides a full range of traditional, as well as proprietary, claims capture and clearinghouse services that interface with legacy SBHC practice management systems.  Some of our services include.

  • Connectivity to all commercial and government payers that accept professional,institutional and dental electronic claims.

  • Conversion of non-837 X12 claim files — NSF professional and institutional formats.  All of our outbound claims to payers are 837 X12 compliant.

  • Standardized payer response reports.

  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) processing for downloading ERAs into practice management/billing systems to facilitate auto-posting — as well as providing human readable ERA reporting tools for manual posting and other analyses.

  • Eligibility verification that provides fast and easy access to payer eligibility and benefit information for establishing patient coverage, co-payment and co-insurance amounts, and deductibles.

  • A responsive, experienced and knowledgeable support staff that will work with both you and payers to resolve any problems.

All of the above services are seamlessly integrated with our other products and services. They can also be integrated with your existing practice management/billing system. CompuClaim’s Web based products are available in a subscription (SaaS) model without any capital expenditure for hardware, software and with reduced cost of ownership. CompuClaim’s products are easy to setup, easy to use and available for an affordable price.

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