CompuClaim's Services Portal is an online, user-friendly service logging system which allows users to record services for any type of provider regardless of type of service or insurance eligibility status.  The Portal will provides healthcare communities of of any size a tool their service providers can use to log the delivery of services in a compliant manner.

Some of the benefits of the Portal include:

  • The ability to document all services provided to patients regardless of their eligibility status

  • Easy access to data, including demographic and third party insurance information

  • Time-saving Wizards

  • Live Performance Reports to assist with compliance management

  • Easy and fast logging of transportation services

  • The ability to create files for checking Medicaid eligibility and for submitting Medicaid claims

Easy to Learn and Simple to Use

The portal was designed by a team of educators and district technology staff as an easy to learn and simple to use system that was created with input from actual users. . 

Customizable to Maintain Compliance

Customizable business rules check for billing errors and only services that satisfy the business rules are billable to Medicaid. 

Easy Access to Data for Improved Efficiency

The Services Portal integrates easily with SIS and IEP system so users have easy access to student data, such as student demographic information, Medicaid eligibility, IEP information and service logs. 

Time-saving Wizards

The intuitive wizards save valuable time by streamlining processes and reducing steps for logging all services, including transportation. The monthly summary wizard automatically lists all outstanding monthly summaries and eliminates the need to generate reports and review the services.

Calendar Functionality

Services can also be logged through the calendar, which provides an at-a-glance view of all completed services.

Performance Reports

Live performance reports are available within the Services Portal for users to track service data and for administrators to manage billing compliance.

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