By: Peter Carson, CompuClaim CEO/Founder

Not many people know how CompuClaim started. Today, we serve as a technology and consulting solutions partner teaming with healthcare delivery service organizations to revolutionize claiming processes and maximize program opportunities. But how we started was actually very different.

I started CompuClaim almost three decades ago in 1993 on the third floor of my house in Newport, Rhode Island. Our original values of customer service and listening closely to clients came from lessons I had learned as a community organizer. Our first clients were psychologists and social workers who needed help managing their third-party insurance claiming. We learned the pain points of this market by listening carefully to their needs and, in the process, discovered they were an underserved market. The care and attention CompuClaim gave to each and every client in those early days sparked our steady growth over the first three years.

By our fourth year in business, we discovered another underserved market—public school districts that needed help billing Medicaid for special education services. CompuClaim responded to a bid by the Rhode Island Department of Education to provide Medicaid billing software to public schools. While we did not win the bid then, within the next three years we won the business of most Rhode Island schools that wanted a trusted partner to manage their billing. Our same dedication to customer service and listening carefully again led to rapid growth. Within two years CompuClaim was managing the billing for 80 percent of Rhode Island schools. Twenty-seven years later, we still handle the billing for 28 of our original Rhode Island school clients.

In 2012 CompuClaim went through a transformation that continues today. We expanded our billing and service options, including a Cloud-based self-billing system that our clients could use to manage their own billing programs. At the same time, we expanded our client base to include other healthcare provider communities.

This continued transformation has allowed us to become a technology and consulting solutions partner that teams with public education and healthcare service communities to simplify, automate and revolutionize their billing and claiming processes. Eight years later CompuClaim has clients in 16 states, and a growing number of CompuClaim’s customers are using our cloud-based and advisory services. CompuClaim’s cloud billing software and services are adding clients in two to three new states every year and retain a client base in more than 80 percent of public schools in several states we are in.

Since 1993 our family of dedicated employees and great clients has grown in number and type of healthcare provider. Today school districts, boards and education agencies, and other alternative healthcare communities have leveraged our cloud-based Medicaid and third-party billing systems to streamline operations, maximize revenue, and receive audit-ready program support.

The future of CompuClaim is being built daily, impacting meaningful change for the communities we serve. Through the innovation of our dynamic software platform and service solutions, we help education providers and other healthcare agencies spend less time on billing and claiming processes and more time improving the lives of children and families

Though much has changed since we first set out to help psychologists and social workers almost three decades ago, a lot has also remained the same. One of the most important mainstays from our early days is our continued commitment to our core value of delivering excellent customer service while listening closely to our clients. This continues to differentiate and guides us every day.

As we look to future, I can’t wait to see what it holds for our clients, our employees and our company. Thank you to all our clients, employees and partners for your steadfast support over the last 27 years. If we have not yet had the chance to work with you, I hope you will consider joining us in our journey.