Advisory Services

Our clients come to us not only because of off-the-shelf claiming technology limitations, but also because they are grappling with internal constraints when it comes to time, resources and up-to-the-minute knowledge on claiming guidelines and stipulations.

Through our Advisory Services, we are able to provide a unique blend of technology and consulting solutions so that our clients can focus on achieving dynamic transformation.

Achieve Dynamic Transformation

We provide hands-on, high availability assistance for healthcare and education communities that struggle with consistency, reporting, and program maximization. Clients can tap us for extra support with dedicated account management and team training, including:

  • Provider and administrator training
  • Policy and compliance support
  • Financial reporting and monitoring
  • IEP analytics
  • Identifying Special Education Students
  • Advice on navigating continuous budget cuts
  • Staying current on claiming changes, guidelines and stipulations

We are problem-solvers, committed to identifying the right combination of technology and advisory solutions to mitigate pain and deliver results.

The Result

With staff frustration reduced and increased revenue opportunities available, our Advisory Services allow you to:


  • Realize measurable returns, like saving money or increasing revenue or even boosting profits
  • Tap our team to assume the bulk of the work
  • Receive a comprehensive review of district protocols and reporting for Medicaid
  • Capture all services that comply and service costs for inclusion on reports
  • Complete monthly, quarterly and annual reporting tasks, ensuring they are in compliance
  • Deepen your staff’s understanding, accuracy, productivity and compliance
  • Enable your employees to have peace of mind and pride of ownership

From Our Clients

“We struggled with our Medicaid program and the constant changes that were affecting our revenue for the district. CompuClaim’s oversight and management has allowed us to increase our revenues and bring a stabilizing influence to our Medicaid billing program. Their expertise and knowledge of the Medicaid rules are outstanding and have been a tremendous support to our program.”

Typhanie Jackson, Director of Special Education

“The Medicaid Boot Camp last year was very informative. I thought it was a great resource for experienced Medicaid Coordinators as well as new coordinators to the program. It never hurts to sit in on trainings for refresher purposes. Even experienced Medicaid Coordinators can learn from these trainings. The CompuClaim CT Team is always so very helpful.”

Lori Godin, Medicaid Coordinator

“Working with CompuClaim has been both a rewarding and educational experience. I now understand far more about this process and am therefore better equipped to assist my district in receiving more financial revenue from claims. .”

Katherine Gabrielson, Director of Special Services

“CompuClaim has provided us with a high level of technical expertise, clerical support and responsive communication that allowed us to realize significant revenue and increase Medicaid claiming. Their robust reporting tools and data improve provider compliance and efficiency in relation to ever shifting state and federal mandates.”

Robert Swan, Director of Special Education

“The Central Falls School District was able to quickly transition to fully electronic medical billing for all services with the support and lead from CompuClaim. Our Account Manager was ALWAYS available to help adjust and answer any questions that the Director or Secretary had while supporting all special educators, related service providers, and out of district agencies.”

Katie Marcott, Special Education Director

Enhance Your Medicaid Program

In a time, rife with budget constraints, distance learning, and ever-changing state mandates, now is the time to take a closer look at your Medicaid program.

We can provide the support needed to put yourself in the most influential position to realize financial, efficiency, and performance gains. Drop us a note to learn more!


CompuClaim is a technology and consulting solutions partner that teams with healthcare delivery service organizations to revolutionize claiming processes and maximize program opportunities.

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