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School-based and healthcare delivery Medicaid and claiming programs have long been plagued by missed revenue opportunities, inefficiencies, compliance issues and lack of integration with other technology systems, among a myriad of other challenges.

CompuClaim’s SAAS Cloud Services help healthcare delivery organizations around the country revolutionize their claiming processes while maximizing program opportunities.

Revolutionize the Claiming Process

CompuClaim’s SAAS Cloud Services enable health technology, education and third-party billing professionals to eradicate claiming complexity while realizing financial, compliance and productivity gains. Our clients can leverage our Cloud Services in three ways:

  • Full Service: CompuClaim provides the tools, expertise, and support to help facilitate the entirety of the Medicaid and healthcare claiming processes
  • Self-Licensed: Our clients can license our system but manage the claiming processes internally
  • White-Label: Healthcare delivery and education communities can white-label our platform

The Result

Armed with a robust software solution—that can integrate with existing healthcare, Student Information (SIS) and Special Education management (SPED) systems—our clients:

  • Ensure revenue is not left on the table
  • Guarantee services prescribed are delivered
  • Automate and streamline claiming processes
  • Gain visibility through intuitive, easy-to-use reporting displays
  • Simplify and improve results for eligibility management through connection to state systems at a deeper level
  • Ensure compliance with state and federal requirements
  • Improve staff productivity and visibility
  • Offer cloud-based service capture

Flex Analytics

Our Flex Analytics insight tool, an additive module to our Cloud Services, allows school districts, boards and education agencies to have full visibility to billing and claiming data, ensure that students receive necessary services, and identify how those services correlate to Medicaid reimbursements.

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CompuSPED is a comprehensive Special Education Management system delivered to school districts through the CompuClaim/Greenbush partnership platform. The solution incorporates a data-driven reporting and tracking system that’s fully integrated with CompuClaim’s automated Medicaid billing solution.

Designed to address the complexities and ever-changing dynamics of special education reporting and compliance, CompuSPED provides functionality through a digital infrastructure that allows school districts and educators to promptly meet state and federal compliance regulations while maximizing Medicaid reimbursement.

From Our Clients

“The software is very user friendly, which my staff greatly appreciates. The staff at CompuClaim is very personable, knowledgeable and responds quickly to any issues or questions I may have.
They are always very accommodating and professional. I would recommend CompuClaim to anyone who is looking for great one on one service at a great price.”

Christine Wilhite, Medi-Cal Programs Manager

“CompuClaim was able to reprocess my billing from a previous vendor and recover an additional 15% of missed payments! CompuClaim has great staff that is able to work with our difficult data to meet billing requirements” The CompuClaim software has many time saving features built in that allow staff to document quickly.”

Jeremy Ford, Program Manager MAA/LEA 

“Since switching over to CompuClaim our district has significantly increased its Medicaid reimbursement. CompuClaim’s customer service and technical support is far superior to our previous vendor along with the knowledge base of CompuClaim staff. The additional funds received since switching to CompuClaim has allowed the district to provide programs and services to students with disabilities that previously were unavailable due to less available funds.”

Robert Mancusi, Director of Special Education

“CompuClaim has provided us with a high level of technical expertise, clerical support and responsive communication that allowed us to realize significant revenue and increase Medicaid claiming. Their robust reporting tools and data improve provider compliance and efficiency in relation to ever shifting state and federal mandates. As a result of increased reimbursements our school district has been able to strategically operationalize this financial resource to improve outcomes for all students with disabilities.”

Robert Swan, Director of Special Education

Distance Learning Support

Distance learning and telehealth have become part of the modern learning environment.  CompuClaim helps to navigate your Medicaid program to ensure your success. 

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CompuClaim is a technology and consulting solutions partner that teams with healthcare delivery service organizations to revolutionize claiming processes and maximize program opportunities.

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