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We can help you create a bright future for your school Medicaid program.

CompuClaim ‘s Nexus Solution provides districts with a tool to manage out of district students more effectively. 

  • CompuClaim receives student records from client districts that share students thru their IEP management systems.
  • This allows CompuClaim to see that a student is enrolled in one district but shared with another.
  • CompuClaim processes services for students that are Medicaid eligible with parental consent in the district of Nexus and submits services provided by the shared district for reimbursement.
  • The district of Nexus receives the reimbursement.
  • Simple fast tracking for all providers using the CompuClaim service portal.
  • Easy access to student data from the district of Nexus.

We are here to help, support and bring much needed revenue to your school district.

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