Solutions for Education Agencies

Education Service Agencies and School Board Associations provide Medicaid billing services to their member districts. CompuClaim understands what it takes to provide these services and the associated challenges.

How We Can Help

CompuClaim has developed and delivered comprehensive, scalable, School-Based Medicaid billing systems and services to Education Service Agencies and other state and local education associations in support of the challenges they face.

Our software platform and business support services allow an agency to scale from a
startup billing service to a full-blown, state-wide Medicaid billing program. Agencies
providing, or thinking about providing, School-Based Medicaid billing services to their client districts are ideally suited to licence our self-billing software.

To Our CompuClaim Family
Every Step Matters

Improving the lives of children and families takes a team and this would not be possible without your commitment and dedication to this program. Your efforts and daily work make a difference for those who need it most!

We thank you for your support and trust in our CompuClaim family.

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CompuClaim is a healthcare information data management company that facilitates the connection between electronic payers, healthcare providers, and state and non-profit agencies.

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