By: Fred Orwiler, VP of Product Management

The amount of data that is processed on a daily basis in our world is incredible. One of the most compelling statistics is that nearly 90% of all data has been created in the last two years (source). There is no question that each year data shapes our world more powerfully than the year before.

When we consider phrases like “big data” and “data deluge,” we might immediately think these phrases refer to industries like finance, technology, and healthcare. But the truth is that all industries are grappling with how to best aggregate, store and analyze data… school districts included.

As a school administrator, you certainly know this to be true. In addition to focusing on areas like staff selection, budgetary spend and district vision, you are also responsible for capturing an overwhelming amount of information on your students and services rendered, especially when it comes to Medicaid program management. From service documentation to Medicaid claiming and billing processes, you likely find yourself knee-deep in data management, trying to gain a comprehensive view of your program while keeping your district informed of program outcomes.

To empower school administrators to better access and manage data, we are excited to announce the launch of Flex Analytics, a data insights tool that enhances the way administrators consume data by providing instant access to key performance indicators, graphical displays and meaningful dashboards around Medicaid program management.

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Flex Analytics, a product add-on to our Service Portal, allows administrators to gain actionable insight from data, stay on top of Medicaid programs, and through real-time insights derive stronger program performance. For example, administrators can, among other things:

  • Confirm that providers are logging services
  • See and manage current trends compared to prior years
  • Gain instant revenue visibility
  • Measure the key performance of all staff
  • See reimbursement trends for multiple years
  • Access reports instantaneously
  • Build and download stories and reports to share

Here are a few quick examples of the kind of data that can be visually reported:

Revenue generated by school year, quarter or month

Denial tracking to increase response rate for addressing issues

Staff service documentation inactivity, drilled down by service category and location

When districts have access to the information they need, at the exact moment they need it most, big data shifts from being overwhelming to empowering. Data becomes a strategic asset that can move a district forward, instead of being a source of frustration.

Flex Analytics was created with flexibility, agility and empowerment in mind so that our clients can welcome in big data and the rich insights it can produce.

Creating Data-Driven Cultures

At CompuClaim, we like to say that “Medicaid is fun,” but the truth is that managing a Medicaid program can be intimidating and overwhelming, as you know. A few years ago, we started focusing on how to use technology to make Medicaid more fun for our clients. In fact, we received some great input from one of our interns on how to gamify our service documentation tool. His feedback has been directly applied to Flex Analytics!

In order for school districts to embrace data-driven cultures, they need to be convinced that data can be powerful, fun and impactful. Flex Analytics—through the use of visualizations, dashboards and graphical representations—demonstrates the exciting side of data. And when administrators start to view data as an ally, and commit to building a data-driven culture, they are ultimately well positioned to generate high quality financial reports, increase transparency, and experience productivity gains for their district.

Data can play a huge role in positioning you for the best year ahead, even amid the COVID environment. I’d love to walk you through Flex Analytics and show you how our insights tool can support your district. Click here to schedule your demo, or feel free to drop me a note directly at: