1. Finalize your district schedule- know what your district will be doing for the school in regards to telehealth, distance learning, rotating schedules, etc.
  2. Will your district be participating in the teletherapy? Do you have all the information on what services are allowable, what platforms (HIPPS compliance) billable and non-billable?
  3. Are your providers up to date? Any staff who no longer work for the district should no longer have access, any new hires should have applicable access (school or district) if there is a change in provider status like they go from COTA to OT is their certification on file, have they been assigned an NPI, etc.
  4. For any and all assistants have they been assigned a supervisor? Does both your assistant and supervisor understand their roles and expectation with Medicaid logging?
  5. Do your providers have a set caseload of students. Have they been assigned any additional students to evaluation n for the school year (example? triennial review)
  6. Parental consent is imperative to run an extract and/or use a listing option to determine which of your students are still missing parental consent.
  7. If your Medicaid program requires prescriptions run a listing to determine whose scripts are due
  8. If you have students who are outplaced or use contracted providers be sure everyone is up to date and accounted for to ensure maximized reimbursement from the start of the school year
  9. If your Medicaid program allows for transportation claiming begin by identifying those students who qualify.
  10. If you have any questions, need support, or are interested in working with a knowledgeable, partner contact us at CompuClaim
  11. Establish a primary point of contact for all things Medicaid in your district. Set the expectations and due dates with everyone to ensure consistency
  12. Utilize your own calendar (virtual or paper) to set reminders for yourself for when things are due, performance reports are checked, etc.
  13. Schedule an annual refresher- it is never a bad thing to share uniform information, review your program and answer questions
  14. Review your current process and look for ways to improve overall efficiencies!
  15. Collect outstanding parental consent! If you need ideas to do this let us know!