Norma Sabins

Director of Finance & HR

Norma Sabins

Norma Sabins

Director of Finance & HR


Norma Sabins, Director of Finance and Human Resources, brings to CompuClaim, 35+ years’ experience working in Finance, Human Resources and Office Management.  

Continuing her growth within her role at CompuClaim, Norma continues to evolve the day to day Financial Reporting, Human Resources practices and programs and Business Compliance. 

Norma is also the Owner/Operator of “Life in the Books” established in 2008, a financial management consulting firm. While continuing to work full-time at CompuClaim, maintaining client relationships across her business ventures is an important part of who she is.

When Norma is not working, she enjoys time with her family, helping to care for animals in need and caring for her growing garden and green thumb.

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