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Our clients’ needs for technologies, solutions and features are always changing as the healthcare and education industries continue to shift at a rapid clip. By partnering with leading organizations, CompuClaim is able to provide clients with the most all-encompassing solutions.

We regularly expand our partner ecosystem to team with companies that complement our existing solutions and offer supporting features. Click here to request to join!

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Enhanced Client Delivery

Over the past 27 years, CompuClaim has developed relationships with key organizations so that we can bring our clients the most inclusive and holistic claiming solutions. We offer several partner software solutions—in addition to our proprietary Cloud Services—designed to address the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Strategic partnerships allow us to stay ahead of the needs our clients have for integrated, industry-specific solutions.

The Result

Through our partner ecosystem, we can provide our clients with a full range of services and solutions that allow them to:


  • Utilize integrated platforms to address current and future needs
  • Leverage additional platforms that meet Mental Health and Behavioral Health needs
  • Optimize their Medicaid and other health insurance programs by leveraging additional tools to capture services
  • Improve outcomes and address public health concerns
  • Create new levels of efficiencies and productivity that result in improved healthcare delivery

From Our Clients

“CompuClaim was able to reprocess my billing from a previous vendor and recover an additional 15% of missed payments!”

Jeremy Ford, Program Manager MAA/LEA Oakland Unified School District

“Since switching over to CompuClaim the WPS’ has significantly increased its Medicaid reimbursement. CompuClaim’s customer service and technical support is far superior to our previous vendor along with the knowledge base of CompuClaim staff.”

Robert Mancusi, Director of Special Education

“Working with CompuClaim has been both a rewarding and educational experience. I now understand far more about this process and am therefore better equipped to assist my district in receiving more financial revenue from claims. .”

Katherine Gabrielson, Director of Special Services

“CompuClaim has provided us with a high level of technical expertise, clerical support and responsive communication that allowed us to realize significant revenue and increase Medicaid claiming. Their robust reporting tools and data improve provider compliance and efficiency in relation to ever shifting state and federal mandates.”

Robert Swan, Director of Special Education

Featured Partnership

CompuClaim and mdlogix have teamed to provide schools, community partnerships, state and local agencies with sustainable mental and behavioral health platforms. This partnership provides tailored support, real time measurable outcomes both onsite and virtually. These integrated platforms are helping to leverage resources for all state initiatives improving the health and well-being for all students, staff, and families.


CompuClaim is a technology and consulting solutions partner that teams with healthcare delivery service organizations to revolutionize claiming processes and maximize program opportunities.

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