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Peter Carson

Peter Carson



Mr. Carson is the Founder of CompuClaim. Peter has over twenty-five years of experience innovating healthcare information systems for healthcare providers and institutions, including implementing K-12, school-based data decision systems.

Peter is skilled in systems management, software systems innovation and web-based software platforms. Peter has worked with school districts and other stakeholders on Medicaid School-Based revenue programs since 1992. Prior to founding CompuClaim Peter was a community organizer for several social change and environmental organizations.

Mr. Carson led the development and growth of CompuClaim for over 25 years. In his role as President, Peter led the creation and development of CompuClaim’s Web-based healthcare Information management systems for K-12 educational agencies, non-profit human service and government agencies. Peter was also the driving force behind CompuClaim’s Web based innovation efforts that sought to integrate existing best of breed software with CompuClaim’s Web portal offerings and professional healthcare claims  clearinghouse. 

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CompuClaim is a healthcare information data management company that facilitates the connection between electronic payers, healthcare providers, and state and non-profit agencies.

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