Specialized Services
(The Magic)

Looking for a little extra support to help your organization streamline or automate processes, build efficiencies, or provide solutions to billing and claiming solutions? It’s time to enlist some magic.

What’s Included

CompuClaim provides a range of specialized services aimed at supporting our clients evolving needs, from extra training resources to help during district staff transitions.

Consulting Services

CompuClaim provides additional services to improve operational performance and that are
tailored to your needs including:

  • Provider and Administrator Training
  • Policy and Compliance support
  • Monitoring and Reporting

IEP Analytics

Financial forecasts that compare prescribed services in a student’s IEP and actual delivered services value allowing the district to ensure no services are being left on the table.

Enhanced Reporting

Our suite of reporting tools provides the data and visibility you need including dashboard analytics with KPI reporting tools utilizing advanced filtering and drill down capabilities.

What People Are Saying

"CompuClaim has proven their commitment to have close teaming relationships with their clients, we can attest to that. My experiences with CompuClaim has given me the opportunity to depend on their expertise and constant oversight, knowing that they are available for anything I need to ensure we are following compliance and maximizing revenue."

Typhanie Jackson, Director of Special Education

"Since switching to CompuClaim, we have experienced outstanding service. They have an exemplary combination of experience, knowledge, and customer service. From day one, CompuClaim has been very responsive to our needs and their assistance is greatly appreciated. They have exceeded our expectations."

James Gaskins, Business Manager

"I was using another company who took 9 months to get billing submitted. CompuClaim helped me by quickly getting set up with DHCS for billing and claims were submitted immediately and money received within 2 months of service. The software is very user friendly, which my staff greatly appreciates. The staff at CompuClaim is very personable, knowledgeable and responds quickly to any issues or questions I may have. They are always very accommodating and professional. I would recommend CompuClaim to anyone who is looking for great one-on-one service at a great price."

Christine Wilhite, Medicaid Program Manager

"CompuClaim was able to reprocess my billing from a previous vendor and recover an additional 15% of missed payments! CompuClaim has great staff that is able to work with our difficult data to meet billing requirements. The software has many time saving features built in that allow staff to document quickly."

Jeremy Ford, Program Manager

Featured Product

Our Flex Analytics insight tool, an additive module to our Cloud Services, allows school districts, boards and education agencies to have full visibility to billing and claiming data.

Learn more about this featured product!


CompuClaim is a technology and consulting solutions partner that teams with healthcare delivery service organizations to revolutionize claiming processes and maximize program opportunities.

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